Magazine Software

SmartPublisher™ is the premier magazine software that helps publications, big and small, minimize efforts and maximize profits.

SmartPublisher™ seamlessly integrates multiple components of the publishing business – combining contact management, ad scheduling, billing, print and online production into the single, definitive magazine software package. SmartPublisher™ incorporates state-of-the-art, leading-edge database technologies into a comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-use software for magazines. Whether your business is a community weekly, a university daily, a print or online publication, Pre1 Software has designed SmartPublisher™ to be the essential, go-to software for publications serious about technology and magazine management software that shrinks costs and grows the bottom line.

Our Magazine Software Features Include:

Contact Management

SmartPublisher™ provides intuitive, easy organization, targeting and tracking of contacts with limitless mailing list management and follow-up capabilities. Email blasts are easily composed, simple to maintain, fast and timely. SmartPublisher’s™ database engine makes for contact demographics and account specifics that easily entered on the front-end and then effortlessly retrieved, sliced and diced on the back-end. Customer details, history, habits and preferences are always at the fingertips of your sales reps, from the office desktop, the laptop browser, or any iPhone or iPad.


SmartPublisher™ easily and elegantly supports ad scheduling for single or multiple publications, with simple or complex rate structures. SmartPublisher™ offers both power and flexibility with placement requests, extra charges for up-sells, contract management and customer quotes and pre-bills.


SmartPublisher™ magazine software comes fully-loaded with a comprehensive accounts receivable module, with intuitive payment and adjustment entry, automated billing, multiple invoice and statement types and robust reporting capabilities combined into an outstanding magazine billing software solution.


SmartPublisher™ takes the production out of the Production Department. Display and Classified ads are entered into the system once – and only once. From there, SmartPublisher™ exports fully-formatted Classified ads, including images, into Quark or InDesign; and SmartPublisher™ integrates with and exports into multiple industry leading pagination products for Display ads. Production-status reports keep the production, sales and management departments current, in step and on the same page.

System Administration

SmartPublisher™ provides administrative users extremely powerful and virtually limitless capabilities — from automated volume-issue creation to category and rate creation and modification. In addition, SmartPublisher™ administrators can control and customize individual or group user settings to tailor system functionality, access and security.

Remote Access

SmartPublisher™ software for magazines comes built for mobile access. It’s never been easier to stay connected to customers from outside of the office via a web browser, smart phone or tablet.

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