About Us

CRM Invoicing Software Solutions for Newspaper Magazine Media

Pre1 Software has 20 plus years of experience designing and building software for newspapers, magazines and digital publications media.

Our product, SMARTPUBLISHER™, is a cross-platform, ad management software, cloud or desktop, suite that offers contact relations management-CRM, order entry, production trafficking, subscription management, billing, Paginition, AR, and extensive reporting.  Smartpublisher integrates with other productive tools including DocuSign, MailChimp, and Google Calendar. Additionally, SmartPublisher’s proofing software, “ProofRocket” and ad trafficking system provide powerful tools to keep you and your advertisers in sync.

Using the latest technologies, Pre1 continues to innovate for the future to help publishers through their news cycles. The company’s agile development philosophy ensures the software can adapt to current demands faced by publishers of newspapers, magazines and digital publications. Pre1 provides award-winning customer service to  thousands of users that rely on SMARTPUBLISHER™ to streamline business processes, share critical information with clients and staff and grow their business.