Advertiser portal

Advertiser Portal Delivers Service with Security

SmartPublisher’s™ online Advertiser Portal creates a personally branded website for your publication where advertisers can pay invoices by credit card. Advertisers are billed electronically and pay through a secure online provider.

Save Time and Resources

Advertisers review their payment history online, reducing the number of in-person or email requests your accounting staff has to field. Advertisers also have access to self-help information about their accounts.


  • Reduces the amount of effort required to make a payment, which increases your cash-flow rate.
  • Eliminates your need to key in payments because the advertiser does it for you.
  • Pre1 Software hosts all necessary files for the Advertiser Portal.
  • We also partner with Credit Card processors, like Fidelity Payments Services, to help you reduce your credit card processing fees.  Contact us for more information.