SmartPublisher News

Move SmartPublisher to the Cloud!

Tired of the constant chore of server operating system updates and routine maintenance? Have you heard Pre1 Software’s cloud hosting provides access to SmartPublisher from anywhere you have an internet connection—even from a web browser? Our hosting service includes a private, dedicated server, complete setup and configuration, fast, modern hardware, fully-managed SmartPublisher backups and top-notch security. If you’re interested in moving to a hosted solution, ask us for a personalized quote!

Features You Can Use

Send your SmartPublisher tasks to Google Calendar!

The latest release of SmartPublisher lets you link your Google account to instantly push the tasks you create to your Google calendar. Once connected:

– Newly created future SmartPublisher tasks will be added to your primary Google calendar.
– Tasks marked as “Done” will update the Google event when completed in SmartPublisher.
– Deleting a task will also automatically remove the event from your Google Calendar.

For information on this and other great SmartPublisher features, please see our Knowledge Base or call Pre1 Customer Care. Not on the latest version? Contact us to learn more about upgrading!