Magazine Advertising Software

Built with efficiency in mind, SmartPublisher’s™ magazine advertising software tools help your sales force enter detailed ads quickly. Those ads are easily exported to a variety of print and online products through SmartPublisher™, magazine management software.

SmartPublisher’s™ magazine ad software tools support your rate structure, placement requests, provides multiple publication capabilities and flexible scheduling. Add on extra charges for up-sells; produce quotes and pre-bills.

SmartPublisher’s™ Magazine Advertising Software

We understand time is money, so SmartPublisher’s™ magazine advertising management software tools will make it easy from top to bottom. Creating categories and rates are quick, easy and live. Rates and contracts are based on frequency or bulk inches or units. Our ad entry process allows for multiple publications, extra charges and production and online specifications, yet the order entry screen is organized in a way that lets your sales force zip through in just moments.

With our magazine advertising management software reports are easy to access, with endless possibilities for search criteria. Run sheets, production reports and dozens of reports by issue, sales rep and customer can be viewed on-screen, printed or sent to pdf.

Schedule your demo today to see how SmartPublisher™ will fit your need for magazine advertising software. For more information, please view our dedicated magazine software site.