Google Calendar Integration

Sync your SmartPublisher tasks to Google Calendar

This feature will, once configured, create a calendar event in your Google Calendar whenever you create a task in SmartPublisher. If you mark the task as complete it will update your google calendar to cross out the event so you don’t have to wonder when looking back at your calendar if you completed your tasks that week.

Within your SmartPublisher “My Settings” area you’ll find the “Connect Google Calendar” button. Don’t see the button? Your SmartPublisher may need an upgrade – please contact to schedule that.
After signing into your google account (or choosing which google account to use) you’ll be presented with this confirmation that you want to share access to your Google Calendar with SmartPublisher. We request that you give us access to see all calendars so we can allow you to choose the target calendar, we will never delete your google calendars using this permission.