Features You Can Use

Mailchimp Contact Upload

The latest version of SmartPublisher lets you connect your Mailchimp account and upload your contacts—in just a few quick steps—for easy sync of your mail campaigns. Upload as many times as you like without removing existing contacts or making duplicate contacts in Mailchimp. Unsubscribes from Mailchimp will be managed separately, so your SmartPub contacts remain intact.


Did you know that SmartPublisher has a Subscriptions management module? SmartPublisher subscriptions allows you to:

  • Sell subscriptions from your website
  • Create and manage subscribers
  • Set subscription schedules
  • Manage vacation starts/stops
  • Auto-renew subscriptions
  • Process recurring payments
  • Generate mailing labels
  • Price flexibly
  • Report

For information on these and other SmartPublisher features, please see our Knowledge Base or call Pre1 Customer Care. Not on the latest version? Contact us to learn more about upgrading!