Features You Can Use

Begin your new year by taking advantage of these great SmartPublisher features!

Custom Ad Schedules

SmartPublisher has two great options for custom ad schedules. Skip Schedule provides easy access to options such as every other issue, first issue of the month and run 1/skip 2 issues. If you need more flexibility, choose the custom scheduling calendar to choose issues in any frequency. Both features are available for single or multiple publication ad entry, as well as during ad editing.

Aging Tie-Out Report

If you’re looking for a reconciliation report, add the Aging Tie-Out report to your list. This tool guides you through selecting the aging from the end of the last accounting period and the aging from the current accounting period, then fills in the activity in between. The result will either be a “balanced” tie-out, or a dollar amount difference indicating an update to one of the agings in needed. Once a balance is reached, SmartPub will prompt you to set the lockdown date, ensuring no changes to the data in the accounting period you are closing. The Tie-Out is a great way to move forward knowing everything has been entered correctly into SmartPublisher.

For more on these and many other SmartPublisher features, please see our Knowledge Base or call Pre1 Customer Care.