Pre1 Software integrates with Interlink’s True Newspaper Mail

Pre1 Software today announced a new enhancement to its SMARTPUBLISHER™ subscription module that integrates with Interlink’s True Newspaper Mail solution. This feature is aimed at providing SMARTPUBLISHER™ clients subscription and distribution solutions that reduce waste and improve efficiency.

“Pre1 Software consistently looks for new ways to help our current and future clients improve their operations,” said Mark Jockin, President of Pre1 Software. “The alliance with TNM is just the latest example. With this integration, we expect cost savings somewhere between 10% and 30%. That can translate into big savings for publishers.”

Newspaper print businesses are increasingly revenue- and cost-focused, making close alliances between software vendors vital to their success. Partnering between vendors systems benefits newspapers by improving overall operationally efficiency.

“I am very excited and look forward to working with the team at Interlink’s True Newspaper Mail,” Jockin said.

About Pre1 Software
Pre1 Software ( has 18 years of experience designing and building software for newspapers, magazines and digital publications. SMARTPUBLISHER™ is a cross-platform, ad management software—cloud or desktop—suite that offers contact relations management (CRM), order entry, production trafficking, billing, subscriptions and extensive reporting.

Using the latest technologies, Pre1 continues to innovate for the future to help publishers through their news cycles. The company’s agile development philosophy ensures the software can adapt to current demands faced by publishers of newspapers, magazines and digital publications. Pre1 provides award-winning customer service to thousands of users that rely on SMARTPUBLISHER™ to streamline business processes, share critical information and succeed.

About Interlink’s True Newspaper Mail
Interlink’s True Newspaper Mail is the newspaper industry’s first mail presort system based entirely on cloud technologies for maximum availability, manageability and compatibility. TNM offers enhanced workflow with intuitive setup, one-click e-Doc submission, streamlined reporting and availability of a wide variety of labeling options. Interlink has been singularly focused on delivering forward-thinking solutions for newspapers since 1980 and is considered best-of-breed.