SmartPublisher 7’s Goals provide a powerful tool for sales managers and salespeople to track progress in reaching a set dollar amount for a time period. A sales rep’s current goals are viewed and graphed on the dashboard of the main menu. Goal management is done using the Goals portal on the sales manager’s main menu, where the goals are created, edited and graphed. Additionally, assigning a product to a rate is a great way to track revenue and sales goals based on different types of sales activity. Products are associated with rates, and are available to assist with creating and managing sales goals, as well as searching for insertions and sales.

With the release of versions 7.0 and 7.2, the Sales Rep and Sales Manager dashboards received a total overhaul, making them more useful and interactive than ever. On the Sales Rep dashboard, tasks are broken down by to-do totals, which click through to lists of tasks. Accounts are broken down based on activity to more easily gauge expiring or inactive accounts in need of attention. A sales comparison portal shows totals by date sold or issue compared to the last period or last year. The Sales Manager dashboard features interactive lists for tasks and sales, including goals and comparisons by issue and time period.

Pre1 Software is excited to welcome our most recent customers, Pine Barrens Tribune, Hoards Dairyman and Columbia Missourian. Welcome aboard!

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Pre1 Software will once again be attending the annual AAN convention in Washington, D.C., July 27-29, at the Dupont Circle Hotel. Stop by our user group on Friday, July 28 at 8:30 AM in the Glover Room and see the latest SmartPublisher features in action! Visit our trade show booth for more information.

The latest release of SmartPublisher offers increased security and performance, including:

• TLS 1.2 Support, the updated security protocol required for credit card processing

• FileMaker 16 compatibility & improved WebDirect performance

• A redesigned interface to locate recurring credit card payments

• Improved TFN ad visibility

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Pre1 Software will attend the spring conference of the Western Association of University Publications Mangers (WAUPM) in Portland, OR, May 15 – 19 at the Benson Hotel. We’ll also be at the California News Publishers Association Press summit, May 18 – 20, at the Loews Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. Come visit us to learn more about the exciting developments in our next release of SmartPublisher!

Attention SmartPublisher customers:

As of September 18, 2017, Mac computers using to process credit cards through SmartPublisher will no longer function. is retiring a security protocol that will require Pre1 Software to provide a new solution to all of our customers that process payments on Mac computers.

Windows computers are not affected.

Please contact or call 503-288-7500 x1 to make arrangements for an update to your system.

SmartPublisher has two great options for custom ad schedules. Skip Schedule provides easy access to options such as every other issue, first issue of the month and run 1/skip 2 issues. If you need more flexibility, choose the custom scheduling calendar to choose issues in any frequency. Both features are available for single or multiple publication ad entry, as well as during ad editing.

For more on this and other great SmartPublisher features, please call Pre1 Customer Care at 503-288-7500 x1.

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SmartPublisher™ features
CRM • Advertising • Production • Accounts Receivable • Reporting
• Cloud-based and on-premise hosting options
• Online production & proofing
• Web-based customer payment portal

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See you in Hershey!

Pre1 Software is excited to welcome our new customers to the SmartPublisher™ family.

Turley Publications – Founded in 1962, this locally owned family business has grown from one weekly newspaper into a chain of 15 weekly newspapers ringing the Springfield, MA market.

Daily Legal News – Published continuously since November 1885, the Daily Legal News is the only daily legal newspaper published in Cuyahoga County, OH today.

Los Feliz Ledger & Larchmont Ledger – Since 2005, the Ledger has been providing residents and business leaders in these areas of Los Angeles with information, news and guidance for goods and services.

Cape May County Herald – Dating back to 1967, The Herald is a free-issue newspaper with the largest circulation serving Cape May County, NJ.

To learn more about how SmartPublisher™ can help your business, call 971-244-8888 or email to arrange a personalized demonstration.

Our latest release of SmartPublisher, version 7.1, has several new features to enhance user experience, including:

-An updated Sales Rep dashboard

-New tools for updating account Marketing Codes

-Pre-bills by account

-An “ad splitting” option to separate an ad for changes mid-run

If you’d like to learn how our hundreds of customers streamline their operations and generate more revenue with SmartPublisher, call 971-244-8888 or email to arrange a personalized demonstration.