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Proven Ad Order Entry System Complements Sales

More than a billion dollars of ad revenue has passed through SmartPublisherâ„¢, making it a premier solution for ad order entry. This leading-edge software takes the complexity out of print and digital advertising, saving time while boosting sales.


    • Access from anywhere you have an Internet connection
    • Reps can be granted access to invoice and payment history
    • Graphical display of sales numbers
    • Quote generator
    • Sales coaching tools
    • Convert prospects to active accounts and quotes to ad schedules or contracts
    • Bulk and frequency contract management
    • Short rating
    • Pro-forma invoices
    • Run sheets
    • Reps access commission reports
    • Reps access aging reports
    • Built-in upsell features are part of intuitive order entry system

      • Styled borders, icons, logos, photos, dingbats and background colors
      • Instantly email or print WYSIWYG previews of classifieds
      • Skip schedules, custom schedules
      • Till Further Notice ads
      • Legals and affidavit generation
      • Easily export styled ads to print ads to the web
      • Import ads from the web
      • Hold out options
      • Supports word, line, flat, inch and modular size rates
      • Intuitive administration sections and categories
      • Trade management tools
      • Order entry wizards speed ad entry and prep your content for the Web
      • Reports on revenue, space, discounts and credit issues

Ad Entry Module