Mark H. Jockin

After practicing law for 10 years, Mark joined Pre1 and hasn’t looked back. Now he has 16 years of experience in the business of helping publications maximize revenue.

Andrea Dopierala

Support Manager
For more than a decade, Andrea has helped customers utilize the benefits of SmartPublisher™. She has unparalleled knowledge of the software, years of support and sales experience, as well as a degree in journalism. Andrea is ultra-reliable and a pleasure to interact with.

John Strassmaier

Senior Support Professional
John has more than a decade of vertical market software support experience. A graduate of the University of Oregon, his experience includes technical writing, software support and quality assurance testing.

Jeremy Hunter

Support and Training Specialist
Jeremy has excellent experience as a top-notch support representative and technician. His in-depth technical skills and programming background provide him deep insight to the challenges facing today’s publications—a perfect choice as a trainer and support resource.

Russ Martineau

Director of Sales
Before joining forces with Pre1, Russ was an owner of a $10 million, three-newspaper chain. After seeing the power of SmartPublisher™, he stopped selling ads and started selling the software. He has a strong, real-world background running and managing publications.

Michael Sloper

Senior FileMaker Developer and Web Programmer
Michael started working for Pre1 early in his career. He then joined up with a local development shop where he honed his web and FileMaker programming skills before coming back home to Pre1. Michael brings many years of experience and valuable knowledge of the technologies of the day.

Caroline Sloan

Senior Developer
Before discovering the power of FileMaker, Caroline was a Silicon Valley technical writer and interactive media professional. For the past five years, she has spent thousands of hours making SmartPublisher™ an ever-powerful product for publishers. Her programming and problem-solving skills are off the chart.